My Baby Registry

Registries for first time moms are HARD. Especially in today’s world that there are so many products out there that make you think you absolutely NEED them all. Now, there are some products that of course make things easier or give you a peace of mind with today’s latest technology but, definitely not items you need. When you create a registry the app/website will kind of guide you through each category which is helpful but, you still don’t really know what to add or what brands are good quality.

I registered at: Target, Buy Buy Baby, Walmart, Babylist, and Amazon. Now, I really only used Target & Buy Buy Baby. I just registered for the other ones to get the FREE gifts. Who doesn’t love free stuff?! I know Amazon has tons of items but, at the time of creating my registry I didn’t know how returns would work if I got an item that didn’t come with a gift receipt. Not saying that I was going to return gifts but, there are some items that you may receive that you know won’t fit because of sizing, too many of one size, etc,. I am sure there are ways around this I just didn’t take the time to do further research and used retailers that I could go talk to face to face if I had questions.

No as far as certain items go I created my registry early on. Pretty much right as I found out I was pregnant if not a tad bit before. Now, you are probably wondering why in the world? Well, being a first time mom I was so clueless about baby items and whenever I heard someone say that “They could NOT live without an item” well I then added it to my registry! I didn’t want to create my registry last minute as well and add unnecessary items either.

Stroller & Carseat : click here

Crib & Mattress click here for crib click here for matress

Dresser & Changing Pad: click here

Cube Organizer & Inserts